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Tenth Global

With God for Others

At Tenth Church we are passionate about being a community that brings healing to the broken and seeks social justice for all.


Together, we are learning an approach to mission that helps without hurting, shares without creating dependency and loves all sorts of people selflessly.

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Tenth Global Priorities

  • Support vulnerable women and children

  • Combat human trafficking and sexual exploitation

  • Develop leaders

  • Create business as mission

Tenth Global Focus

  1. Cambodia | central missions focus | 10 well-established partnerships

  2. Mexico | conducive to family missions | geographically close to partners

  3. Refugees | locally and globally

To hear what our community does on home soil, visit Tenth Local.

Questions? Ask Patrick Elaschuk | Pastor of International Missions

Upcoming Events

Company Brunch

Saturday, January 5, 2019

Justice Journey | Mexico

March 16 - 23, 2019



One at a Time

In October, Craig Greenfield was present in Vancouver to share about Alongsiders’ most recent developments. For those new to Alongsiders, it is an international Christian movement of changemakers. The basic premise... Read More


Ending Violence Against Children in Cambodia

Robert McKinley is the World Vision church relations representative for BC and Yukon. Find a recent update on the EVAC (Ending Violence Against Children) Program that Tenth supports in Cambodia  End violence against... Read More


Cambodia Business as Mission Trip 2018 - Reflections by Peter Quek

Peter Quek is part of the Tenth East Van community and returned recently from a Cambodia Justice Journey.  Peter's focus is mentoring business leaders and professionals to re-imagine their engagement and influence... Read More



"They want change. They’re driving change. And that’s why we are investing in this generation."  Find out more about the Alongsiders movement:  Read More



What does it take to create widespread change? Listen to Craig Greenfield, founder of an international movement, explain the basic stepping stones:  Read More



  “Our world is captivated by speed. We want to abolish world hunger or solve the AIDS crisis in Africa. And we want to do it fast. To be valid, hope has to make the headlines, have sweeping ambitions, pack... Read More


Featured Missionary: NA

N, a recent graduate of Regent College, serves with Every Nation, focusing on outreach to refugees through personal evangelism and Bible study. In addition, he is involved in the work of equipping the local church... Read More


A Light in the Darkness

The following is an update from Kathleen, an architect who joined a Tenth Justice Journey and stayed behind after. I have recently returned from Cambodia where I spent 5 weeks working alongside the crew at Shalom... Read More


The Benefits of Pizza

Hannah Wong was a 2017 Tenth Global Summer Intern, who continues to serve with Tenth Global and is on the Refugee Leadership Team.  My time in the Middle East was not specifically dedicated to learning about... Read More


The Journey starts with a step

The journey of a thousand miles starts with a single step.  As we walk closer with God - for others, a next step for you on your journey could be to be part of a justice journey right here in Canada, a short skip... Read More


3 Global Stats You Probably Don’t Know

5%         About 5% of pastors in Cambodia have graduated from high school—and that's more than double the rural average of 2.2%. This situation is one of the major reasons why Tenth invests heavily in education... Read More


Golden Hour

Hannah Wong was a 2017 Tenth Global Summer Intern, who continues to serve with Tenth Global. Read her thoughts on the question, "What happens when you welcome in the stranger?". Golden Hour Last Tuesday evening at... Read More


A Journey into Justice and Forgiveness

Jennifer Seo Ney is one of Tenth’s returning missionaries, who serves with Tenth Global. Hear her reflection. A Journey into Justice and Forgiveness Our group was made up of 8 people of diverse age, race and... Read More

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Can a City Be Renovated?

I’m going to give this city a thorough renovation, working a true healing inside and out. I’m going to show them life whole, life brimming with blessings. I’ll restore everything that was lost… Jeremiah 33:6 (MSG)... Read More


World Refugee Day, a gift - and a few ways to get involved

On this Refugee Sunday, we would like to invite you to take a small step forward in “loving strangers as yourself”.  ‘About 1 in every 113 people worldwide are forcibly displaced, the majority of whom are women and... Read More


A Prayer for World Refugee Sunday 2018

A Prayer for World Refugee Sunday 2018 Father God, We lift to you every man, woman and child who has fled for their lives due to war, violence and persecution. May you bring your comfort and help them to find a... Read More