Before the coronavirus pandemic, nearly 2 million Canadians visited Mexico every year, mostly for recreation, making it the second most popular country for travel outside the USA.  As Canadians are already travelling to Mexico, Tenth Church is building and strengthening relationships to serve churches, build businesses and bring the Kingdom of God.

Tenth Church is a place where people of all different backgrounds can discover Christ, a community of spiritual transformation that seeks social justice for all. Locally, this vision extends to our ongoing work in Vancouver with children and people on the margins and globally in Cambodia for the last 11 years, and now in Mexico. 

Our longer-term Mexico strategy is to:

  1. Walk alongside our 3 mission partners
    • Rancho El Camino in La Paz Mexico and TEAM Mission
    • Christian and Missionary Alliance
    • El Pozo de Vida in Mexico City 
  2. Provide opportunities for Tenth individuals, groups and families
    • to serve and learn from our Mexico partners
    • volunteer the ministry projects of our partners
    • pray and support God's work in Mexico

Some of the reasons we discerned Mexico as a strategic location

  • Proximity: direct flights to Mexico in 5 hour
  • Strategy: supports our local and global priorities well
  • Cost: the least expensive cross-cultural trip location
  • Justice: opportunities to support significant justice initiatives
  • Family inclusive: opportunities to support families who want to be on mission with God
  • Learning:  learning opportunities from a relationship-oriented culture
  • Onramps:  many ways for individuals, groups and families to serve in ministry
  • Exposure:  access to experience the beauty and exploitation of poverty
  • Partnerships: existing relationships with Rancho El Camino and C&MA with a compatible vision

With God, for others – Goals in Mexico

  1. Creat opportunities for spiritual transformation for Tenth families and community.
  2. Provide onramps for justice engagement for Tenth families and community. 
  3. Build capacity of Mexican leaders in the areas of
    • child development
    • empowerment of women
    • developing sustainable enterprises and systems
    • anti-trafficking

Tenth Church's Partner in Mexico: Rancho el Camino


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