Cambodia is our central, long-term missions focus here at Tenth. Since 2006, we been walking and learning alongside the people of Cambodia. The Tenth community has played a vital role in partnership with local leaders. Many have shared their time, talents, and treasures to empower and aid strategic partners in Cambodia to achieve their goals. 

Why Cambodia?

Cambodia is still reaping many of the tragic consequences of a horrific genocide, which is why we continue to invest in developing Christian entrepreneurial leaders that serve and protect vulnerable women and children.

Ultimately, our stories are enriched when we take the risk and come alongside others in Cambodia where the need is great and the brokenness is high. When we do this, our own brokenness is often healed. As it says in Isaiah 58:8, our "healing will quickly appear" when we share and come alongside those in desperate need.

Get Involved

  1. KNOW more about Tenth’s work in Cambodia.  
  2. GIVE your time, treasure, and talents
  3. GO on a Justice Journey! or serve locally! 

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Key Friendships + Partnerships in Cambodia
Our key partners are underlined. 

  • Alongsiders/Shalom Valley
  • Asian Outreach
  • Chab Dai Coalition
  • Christian & Missionary Alliance (C&MA)
  • Daughters
  • DOVE/Onyx
  • Manna4Life/Mango Tree School
  • Precious Women
  • Timothy’s All Project (completed)
  • Village Works
  • World Vision

Missionaries in Cambodia that Tenth Supports:

  • Makara Un
  • Kevin and Leakhena Knight
  • Lynn Ogata
  • Brian Maher
  • Craig and Nay Greenfield
  • Raju
  • Seila Uon
  • our C&MA missionaries

Thank You. We appreciate your involvement as, together, we are helping our partners build a Cambodia that has strong hope and a bright future for its children and vulnerable people.

Patrick Elaschuk | Pastor of International Missions I