With God, for others

We have a plan and a hope for Tenth Church to grow deeper with God and go wider for others.  One way for you to move in this direction is by going on a Justice Journey.  A Justice Journey is a 3 to 15-day intentional missional exposure that supports our strategic long-term partners in 3 locations: Cambodia, Mexico and Canada.     

Our Global Pastor will be hosting small teams to Cambodia and Mexico in 2023 and 2024. 

Our vision for Justice Journeys is for everyone participating to grow deeper in spiritual formation through healthy relationships, and wider through giving time to serve others. 

Our focus for Justice Journeys is on developing the capacity of our local and global partners. Each participant will apply their passions and skills alongside local community leaders.  

What if…

Perhaps a Justice Journey is in your future...

What does a Justice Journey look like?

We spend quite a bit of time making sure our teams are prepared to go and serve–practically, relationally, and spiritually.  While away, each team will have daily spiritual formation and debriefing times.  On the field, we support our partners' needs and build leadership capacity.  After returning home, team members learn to integrate their Justice Journey experiences through service and ongoing re-entry training. 

Read about the experiences of different Justice Journey participants here


Mexico: Ranch, Creation Care and Business is Mission

  • February 13-22, 2024
  • Supporting Tenth’s vision for creation care, business is mission and spiritual formation
  • La Paz
  • Cost $2200
  • Registration closed

Cambodia: Entrepreneurial Leaders / Business as Mission

  • October 18 - November 3  - Business is Mission 
  • November 5 - 17, 2023 - Spiritual Formation Retreats for Leaders 
  • Phnom Penh, Kep  
  • Cost $4000 tbc 
  • Hungry for Life will be facilitating this Justice Journey
  • Team hosts: Pastor Patrick Elaschuk and Ana Velazquez


  • Justice Journeys that are longer than one week require a 6-month commitment to training, preparation, and debriefing.  
  • Our annual rhythm is: 
    • Mexico Justice Journey the following possible times (University Reading Break in February, Spring Break in March/April or May after University classes end). 
    • Cambodia Justice Journey during water festival usually in November and sometims in the summer - late July. 

Next Steps

  1. Pray – Ask God and those close to you about Justice Journey timing and location. 
  2. Apply – Fill out an application form and submit your deposit. 
  3. Prepare – Get ready for your journey by participating in all of the trainings, reading all of the books, and preparing your heart with God. 

Questions? Email patrick@tenth.ca.