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Thank you for your ongoing sacrificial love and support, as God is doing great things all over the world through our Tenth staff, volunteers, global workers, and partners. 

The way we support our global missions projects is by donating to the following restricted funds.  

Missions Fund:  goes to our own 25 global workers, global partnerships including refugees in places like Lebanon.  50% goes to our missionaries with the Christian and Missionary Alliance.
Cambodia Fund:  goes to our 10 global partners and global workers. 
Mexico Fund:  goes to our 2 global partners in Mexico and support Tenth staff facilitating Justice Journeys in Mexico.  
Refugee Fund:  goes to settling refugee families in Greater Vancouver.  

Tithes and donations to the general fund do not support our Global initiatives.  

Give now

We are rolling out our Cambodia Justice Journey application process this month for our October 18, 2024 Journey.  Our next Mexico Justice Journeys are tentatively scheduled for February 11, 2025 and March 17, 2025.

Thank you for your consideration, generosity, and prayer. 

Volunteer opportunities - shoot out an email to if you are interested in being part of a Justice Journey or our global team.  

Patrick Elaschuk

Global Missions Pastor 

Picture above is from Shalom Valley - the Alongsiders Camp in Kep Cambodia