Serving Tenth's Mission Globally

A remarkable thing happens when our stories become intertwined with others. Over the past 10 years, hundreds of people from Tenth have been beautifully impacted by Cambodia. For some, it has been by serving on a team that helped put on Cambodia events and learn Cambodian stories, and for others going to Cambodia has rocked their worlds. Whether they have stayed and supported the vision from Vancouver or have gone to Cambodia on a travelling learning experience, all have a different view of the world and life’s priorities.

Perhaps you've been wondering what you can do to help move our goals forward and become more involved in our global partnerships from Vancouver. There are a number of ways you can get involved globally without travelling overseas.

Roles include:

  • Marketing + Communications: Writing and sharing partner stories to show impact/changed lives, raise awareness, and raise funds. Includes copywriting, filmmaking, photography, social media
  • Events + Hospitality: Sharing the vision and educating the community through holding events and hosting missionaries
  • Finance + Legal: Creating and rolling out MOUs with global partners and ensuring high-quality book-keeping and accountability
  • Team Leadership: Developing servant leaders to assist and eventually lead teams in Vancouver and beyond
  • Business as Mission: Supporting and developing business as mission globally and in Vancouver
  • Partner Liaison: Serving as a point person for a global partner in prayer, relationship, and communication
  • Regional Missions Liaison: Serving as a point person for a regional group of our 25 missionaries that we support in Africa, Europe, Canada, Asia (excluding Cambodia)