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At Tenth, we stand with the 1.44 billion people who are studying around the world today.  

As we pay attention to education this month, may we approach the world as students, adopting a posture of openness to learning in all areas of our lives.  Oh, how I love Your teaching! It is my study all day long. Psalm 119:97

Take a moment, a global moment, and learn about what Tenth Church is up to globally.  

We can stand with our global students in prayer, by listening to stories of change, and by giving our support.  

One story I think you would be happy to hear about is Serey's story.  I have known Serey for 13 years when she was leading the Cambodian Alongsiders movement in her early 20s. Today she leads Onyx Leadership and has been part of our Global Mentors program. 

A Grand Day Out is another story you will enjoy, featuring Mim and our support for refugees in our city.  

Standing with our global students,


Patrick Elaschuk (and our Global Team)
Pastor of International Missions