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Bullets, Baggage, and Beginnings

Farah* rolls over in her wheelchair and eagerly greets us into her home. The housing co-op in SE Vancouver is simple and spacious with a dining table and couches for guests who do not prefer to sit on the rug.... Read More


Mexico Justice Journey

After focusing on Cambodia for the past 10 years, we are opening up another strategic country that will give Tenth people easy access to walk alongside the Christian & Missionary Alliance (C&MA) in one of... Read More

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Cambodia Justice Journey Team 2017

10TH YEAR ANNIVERSARY JOURNEY This is the 10th year that Tenth has been involved and invested in the people of Cambodia! Celebrating this milestone, we have put together a very important journey that continues to... Read More

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Finally Home

Meet Jasna Stojanovic, who grew up in fractured and war-torn Bosnia and eventually found her way to Canada. Jasna grew up believing that one could not be religious and be a respectful scientist, a doctor, a... Read More

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The Burden of Why

A few months ago, Milissa Ewing's sermon on forgiveness really moved one Tenther to talk about  her own current struggle. This anonymous writer ended up penning a powerful, real story. Her sharing, below, is... Read More


Sharing My Cheese and Crackers

3rd Service attendee and engineering student Emily Dressel shares a brief adventure in trusting God with her finances. Journey along with her through the months as she records—with humour and honesty—her experience... Read More

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Extroverted Engineers Exist

I love Tenth Church, where we can only do what God is calling us to do because of an army of faithful and committed volunteers who connect the reality of God with the opportunities around us. This week, meet our... Read More

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Biannual Stewardship Report SEP 2016–FEB 2017

East Van Kitsilano Mount Pleasant 3rd Service Read More


Vancouver’s stony soil: The church in the secular city

A recently retired theologian in Van­couver, British Columbia, tells a story about a conversation he once had while getting his hair cut. The stylist asked what he did, and he replied, “I teach theology.” “Really?... Read More

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Are You an Introvert?

I love Tenth Church.  I am excited about how God is calling this faith community to share the love of God with Vancouver and beyond in tangible ways.  But Tenth Church isn’t just an organization or a great idea.  We... Read More