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Take a moment, a global moment, to learn about some ways that Jesus and Tenth are engaged in the world by having a look at these news posts and upcoming events.

A highlight for me in 2022 was seeing the leadership and character growth in all our Cambodia partners during a recent Justice Journey. 

We have also seen leadership and character growth with our other global partners, like Steve and Jennifer in Sierra Leone.  Read their inspiring update.  

Read about what Pastor Ken had to say about Daroth, the humble and strong leader of Alongsiders Cambodia - at Tenth's Christmas Eve service.

If you are curious about upcoming events or praying for global workers, you may want to check out First Thing, or Cambodia Catch-up and Pray.

Just Bags was a wonderful success - learn about how Tenth moms took a risk.  

We would love to finish 2022 strong with generosity, for others.  Give to global! 

Thank you for standing with our global partners through your prayer, care and financial support. 

With God, for others, 

Patrick Elaschuk, Pastor of International Missions, 

NOTE: picture at Shalom Valley Cambodia with Pastor Ais