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There have been some transitions this year for Steve and Jennifer, serving in Sierra Leone with their two boys, Nathaniel and Ezekiel. A significant transition was their move to a new place in Freetown, where they experienced some new levels of hospitality welcoming neighborhood children to play in their yard.  

As a church, we are so proud of Steve and Jennifer as they continue to be faithful to their call to Sierra Leone.  Both Steve and Jennifer have invested in Tenth missions in Cambodia, the Missions Leadership Team, Alpha, and serving in Vancouver’s Downtown Eastside.

Working under Global Scholars Canada and the International Fellowship of Evangelical Students, Steve Ney trains and walks alongside scholars in Latin America and Africa who are bringing science and theology together as they address big questions in their fields - questions about climate change, mental health, vaccines & biotech, African religions, erosion, urbanization, poverty, etc.

Jennifer Seo-Ney works as Field Director of Word Made Flesh (WMF) in Sierra Leone, which seeks to love, serve, and accompany vulnerable children and families in the Kroo Bay neighborhood of Freetown.

Be inspired by this story of change that Jennifer shares about in her last report:   

“Michael grew up on the edge of Kroo Bay with his grandmother because his parents, who were separated, and who struggled with poverty, were not able to care for him. His grandmother, however, was also struggling with poverty, as she earned less than $30 a month as a caretaker. But Michael became the first graduate of our programs who made it to the University. He will graduate next February from the University of Sierra Leone with a degree in Social Work. Please pray for God’s ongoing guidance and provision in his life, including employment for him.

Michael went through our youth program called Lighthouse.  But to the Word Made Flesh staff, Michael has been considered not a mere participant of our programs, but a son to us. Steve and I are also making efforts to care for him like a family member. We practice hospitality by having room in our hearts to accept him as part of the family. I need to note, however, that treating others like a family member comes somewhat naturally for my Sierra Leonean colleagues. But, as for me, it takes so much intentionality to be countercultural to the Western individualism.

16 years ago, when Michael was 8 years old, he was invited to our children’s program, Good News Club, where there is vibrant worship, dynamic Bible stories, nutritious snacks and first aid. In his testimony, he shared it was the “manna” (peanut-based snack) that made him keep coming back to Good News Club.

I need to be reminded that there are still so many children who go hungry in this world, especially in Kroo Bay. When practicing hospitality includes providing food to the needy children, it means a lot to them, as we are implying that their physical needs matter to us.

God’s radical hospitality made it possible for us to be welcomed into God’s Kingdom as his children. During this season of Advent, as we anticipate the coming of Christ, my heart is full of hope and gratitude. Thanks to many of you who have shown our family incredible hospitality and continue to bless us in multiple ways. We pray for blessings upon you all!”

Now in its 20th year in Sierra Leone, WMF now reaches out to 40 children in our Tutoring program, 45 youth in our Lighthouse program, 500 children in our Good News Club, 15 women in our women’s ministry, and 6 men in our men’s ministry, in addition to the multitudes of people we help medically.

If you would like to be part of a team that prays and cares for our mission partners like Steve and Jennifer, please reach out to Wanda at

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