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Momentum is a group of 15-20 moms that meet regularly Thursday mornings to share life and the teachings of the Bible.  Our missional verse is: “As iron sharpens iron, so one “mom” sharpens another” Proverbs 27:17a.  We were ecstatic to put together gifts for the Just Bags campaign for the second year in a row. We created a facial mist this year, while last year we made leather bracelets. 

A Just Bag is a Christmas bag filled with ethically sourced, carefully curated, and lovingly handmade fair trade products, created with our refugee/newcomer community.

Putting together the facial mist was not merely an opportunity to put our arts and crafts skills to work;, rather it was understanding more about how we can be knit into the greater picture of how Tenth seeks justice locally and globally.  Wanda, (who leads Tenth Global’s Prayer and Care for Missionaries) spent time with Momentum moms to share about the purpose behind Just Bags, as well as her experiences with the newcomers, and a story about being a “newcomer” herself.  A mom who just arrived from Afghanistan came that day to participate in making the facial mists.  Within a short period of time, the room filled with laughter and voices as stories, mist-making tips, and new language was shared. We soon realized our commonalities in spite of cultural and geographical differences.  As children made by God, we are much more intricately connected than we realize, - it’s a matter of taking a small risk and finding that commonality.

As I was putting together the facial mist, I was imagining the faces of all who have been touched by Tenth Global and its programs, including our missions team that was in Cambodia at the same time, walking alongside and touching the hearts of people. People like the dear folks from Village Works, who created the handmade bags for the Just Bags project.  I am so grateful in having the true honor of contributing my time in a small way towards a larger meaningful picture.  I can never look at a fair-trade bag, facial mist, a bar of soap, a candle, a leather bracelet, coffee beans, tea, or a magnet the same again.

Written by Bonnie L. a Momentum mom participant.

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