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“Ask yourself, where do I desire deeply to make a difference in the world? Pray that God would reveal his gift for you, and then start to experiment with your gift. Use it and develop it. In an age of this pandemic, don't succumb to the temptation just to hunker down and hide and bury your gift, but use it. It's going to involve some work as you use and develop it. Maybe even some sacrifice, but if you use your gift for the glory of God and for the good of the world, you will know and enjoy what you otherwise would not know.” -Pastor Ken Shigematsu, Sunday sermon on February 13. 

Take a moment, a global moment, to learn about some ways that Tenth Global is engaged with justice in the world by having a look at these news posts and upcoming events.  Perhaps you may find a place to unwrap your gift in what you see today?  

 News Posts

  • Refugee Update - get a quick snapshot of what has been happening.
  • Envisioning Possibilities - Pastor Ken shares a story of sharing a gift.  
  • 5 Things -  Afghanistan, Afghans in Canada, God to be a refuge, Refugee team,  The Rest of our Refugee Community.  

Upcoming Events

We can stand with our global friends in prayer by listening to stories of change and by giving our support

With God, for others, 

Patrick, Pastor of International Missions

Photo credit Sohaib Ghyasi