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Tenth Church has walked alongside, prayed for, and supported Chab Dai coalition since 2007.  Chab Dai’s mission is to seek to end all forms of abuse and modern slavery globally by building a movement to empower communities, to strengthen systems, and to restore justice and wellbeing with survivors.  We have learned much from this courageous organization that is literally on the front lines of ending slavery and abuse not only in Cambodia, but now in 35 countries through Chab Dai’s Global Learning Community.

A couple of our favourite programs that we have supported over the years are:

1.      Community Heroes: By empowering local community leaders through education about human trafficking and exploitation, they become active advocates in their communities, educating their neighbors and helping them reach out to local authorities and aid organizations when they face exploitation or trauma.

2.      Safe Community: Chab Dai works in provinces across the country, focusing on education and community empowerment. This project raises awareness on the dangers of illegal migration, human trafficking, and sexual abuse through radio, movie, and loudspeaker broadcasting programs, and awareness-raising trainings for key local authorities and vulnerable community members. In July 2019, our previous Ethnic Community Prevention team merged with our Safe Community team and continues their work to support ethnic Vietnamese and Muslim communities in protecting their own families against the threat of exploitation.

Globally, Tenth Church works with Chab Dai, Ratanak, Precious Women, and Extreme Love in Cambodia, and is starting a relationship with El Pozo de Vida in Mexico.

Locally, Tenth works with Defend Dignity and SA Foundation to combat human trafficking and sexual exploitation.

Stay tuned for a Defend Dignity Sexual Exploitation Summit that Tenth will be engaged with - in August 2021. 

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