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Chab Dai 2020 Report

This a partial report showing what Chab Dai has been up to for the past year. Full report here

The Modern Slavery Crisis is an international and growing phenomenon impacting more than 40 million men, women, and children across the globe, 71% female and 29% male. Among these more than 15 million are in forced marriages, more than 24 million in forced labour situations* and around 30% of those exploited are children**

Human trafficking is the second-largest illegal trade in the world, generating more than $33 billion per annum. This illegal trade has flourished as a result of increased demand for cheap goods and services and the collaboration of criminal networks that operate globally. No longer can we blame others for being perpetrators. We are all part of the problem - rarely looking at the slavery links to our purchases of electronics, garments and food.

Yet in the midst of these terrifying statistics, as an organization, we must focus on the ONEs - every child, woman, man must be seen in the context of their own lives – their family challenges, their local communities, their lived experienced of their abuse and exploitation and their path of healing and journey for justice.

Movement Building

NGOs and other sectors are committed to growing the anti-trafficking movement through professional capacity and standards, in order to provide the best possible care to survivors and vulnerable communities.

  • 793 Participants attended Cambodia Coalition meetings and trainings
  • 570 Participants from 35 countries and 150 organizations attended ARAT Conference
  • 156 Global Learning Community Members from 37 countries
  • 53 Organizations are members of the Cambodia Coalition

Community Empowerment

Families, neighbors and communities are empowered to protect and ensure the safety of one another with the support of NGOs, influencers, local authorities, religious leaders and government.

  • 300 Target families reached in awareness-raising programs
  • 36 Local authorities attended awareness raising programs
  • 12 Supporter members of the Community Video Show
  • 11 Supporter members of the Mobile Broadcasting Program

Survivor Restoration

Survivors of modern slavery and sexual abuse have the freedom and agency to access services, based on their identified short- and long-term restoration plan. Survivors are empowered to bring their voices and experiences to inform and advocate for the healing journey of other survivors.

  • 132 Survivors of Human Trafficking were repatriated back to Cambodia
  • 95 Counselling sessions were held with 50 survivors
  • 38 Convictions/final verdicts reached
  • 19 Brokers of human trafficking were arrested

For the past two years now, global business consulting firm, Deloitte, has been helping the Chab Dai organization grow in leaps and bounds. Through regular meetings and workshops, the Deloitte team has helped us to strategically tackle business challenges and to target organizational growth. They have led us to be a more professional and sustainable organization.  We have been especially grateful for the Deloitte Team’s enthusiasm and commitment in working with us. They have given of their time generously and have readily adapted to our Khmer cultural context.

Please pray for this important ministry. 

* Global Modern Slavery Index 2021

** 2020 Trafficking in Persons Report