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Cambodia has been a special place in my heart ever since I stepped foot there last summer on a Justice Journey with Creo, Tenth's youth and young adult ministry. The country is full of beautiful people, amazing food, vibrant culture, and is a place where God's heart has compassion.

Meeting different partners in Cambodia, there was one organization that stuck out for me and the founder was actually a fellow Tenth member! His name is Kevin Knight and he and his wife Leakhena founded Manna4Life and Mango Tree School. At a glimpse this school was a place of learning, compassion, and safety for the young students in Oudong Village!

Mango Tree School is unique because it provides an opportunity for kids to be able to afford and attend school no matter what situation they're in! The real heroes are the teachers who are role models for these kids, many of whom have a tough situation at home. Witnessing how the teachers interacted with the students, I can definitely say they are incredible examples for the students, showing Christ’s love by being actively present in and out of class!

Last summer, while we were in Cambodia, many of the students from Mango Tree School got to go to the Alongiders camp at Shalom Valley in the province of Kep. Despite not speaking the same language, we had such a fun time hanging out and playing games with the kids at camp, and being able to witness them seeing the ocean for the first time was so powerful. It was also amazing to see so many experience the love of God.

I left Cambodia knowing that I needed to join in to help these students get the education they need! One event that completely changed my perspective was when a young girl went to the convenience store in the village, and spent her hard-earned money to buy me snacks, soda and even gave me a bracelet and scarf! This was all done on an allowance that was probably a week's worth of work. Their incredible generosity struck me in the heart to give more, and I want to help them out as much as I can!

I want to invite you to support the kids in Oudong village in continuing their education and journey in life!

If you want to find out more about how you can support Tenth's partnerships in Cambodia, including Manna4Life, click here!




Over this past year, the majority of Mango Tree School students have shifted to another school in the area called Glory School.  This has been a remarkable opportunity for the students to deepen their education.  Due to COVID-19, the kids have not been studying in school and do not have much access to learning at this time.  The earliest school will return is in November, so we would like to stand with the kids of the village at this time.  To donate in supporting these kids and Manna4Life staff, please give to the Cambodia fund. If you would like your donation to go directly to Manna4Life, please email Holly at 

Thank you and may God richly bless you!  Patrick Elaschuk, Pastor of International Missions