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As I shoveled my driveway, I slowed down to marvel at the wonder of this advent season.  Advent helps us slow down to intentionally prepare for the heart of Christmas, acknowledging, remembering and celebrating - God coming into this world as a baby, for the sake of His people and His creation.  

Take a moment, a global moment, to learn about some ways that Jesus and Tenth are engaged in the world by having a look at these news posts and upcoming events.

Phearom’s Story – Both Pastor Ken and Pastor Aisling referred to Phearom, the Alongsiders Camp Director at Shalom Valley in Cambodia in recent sermons.  To learn more about Phearom, watch this short video. 

Bags Made with Justice – hear the story behind the scenes from the amazing people that made our bags, and those that filled them.

Advent Devo – from Advent Conspiracy, reminding us to Worship Fully, Spend Less, Give More, and Love All, this Advent season.  

Much to be thankful for by Mim – Be encouraged by the gratitude in our newcomer community. 

Upcoming Events

Cambodia Catch-up and Pray, Tuesday, December 20 at 7pm

Mission Central Conference,  January 27-29 – Get equipped at this in-person missions festival

Refugee Claimants and your Church, Saturday February 11 – Find transformative ways to welcome newcomers at this half day learning event 

Ending Poverty Together Workshop,  Saturday March 11 – Learn from a biblical foundation some ways to refine your understanding of poverty - both causes and solutions - in Canada and abroad. Save the Date, registration link coming.

Thank you for standing with our global partners through your prayer, care and financial support. 

With God, for others, 

Patrick Elaschuk, Pastor of International Missions,