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“Thank you Mim—you always give us your time. It was the one thing that was the most important. And I don’t think I’ll ever look back and regret that generosity," shares a friend who arrived in Canada claiming refugee status.  

In this season of Lent, we are encouraged to fast, be generous, and pray.  Mim Wickett, our Refugee Support Coordinator shared in a Tenth Church service on February 21st how she has been generous with her time with newcomers in Canada. 

Mim is a great example of someone who follows God's word when we are exhorted to treat strangers as our own and love foreigners as ourselves.  See her short talk here (starts at 37 minutes). 

Take a moment to learn about some ways that Tenth is engaged with refugees locally and globally having a look at these stories and upcoming events. 

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If you are growing in your interest in walking alongside refugees, check out our updated get involved page.

Thank you for journeying with Tenth! 


Patrick, Mim, Hannah, and the Refugee Support Team


Video was produced by our lead partner Journey Home Community for World Refugee Sunday in 2020 featuring Mim and Naz.