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Sobered, yet hopeful - is how I felt coming off a Just 58 zoom meeting with our partner in Lebanon.  Sobered because Lebanon is experiencing extra-ordinary suffering as the county is in free fall in a multitude of sectors.  It is sobering to be on a call with a friend and partner whose country offers such little hope.  And yet, God's mission is still the mission even during covid, even in unemployment, even when kids are confined at home and hungry.  God's mission is to bring good news.  I am so proud of our partners - FEAL in Lebanon who are doing God's mission of love and reconciliation in a most inhospitable atmosphere.  Let us remember to keep praying for our local and global mission partners.  

Take a moment, a global moment, to learn about some ways that Tenth Global is engaged with justice in the world by having a look at these news posts and upcoming events. 

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Patrick Elaschuk (and our Global Team)
Pastor of International Missions

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