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The last week of summer is also the last week of our fiscal year.  For me, it is always a joy to send  year-end financial support to some of our global mission partners like Alongsiders in Cambodia and FEAL-Oasis in Lebanon, knowing that these funds sent in faith are helping share the good news all over Cambodia, and the Middle East. 

Take a moment, a global moment, to learn about some ways that Jesus and Tenth are engaged in the world by having a look at these Cambodia news posts and upcoming events.

Super exciting plans are coming together for our November 2023 Cambodia Justice Journeys.  If you are still considering being part of this team, contact right away. 

Interested in being our Refugee Support Program Manager? - check out the job description.

Thank you for standing with refugees and our global partners through your prayer, care, and financial support.  

Want to be inspired by a Cambodian woman who dared to lead? - check it out

We would love to finish this fiscal year strong - for others.  Give to global! 

Patrick, Global Missions Pastor -