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Thank you, Tenth Church, for the generosity you have shown towards newcomers by sharing your lives and resources. 

During Refugee Friendship Month, we raised $68,110. This allowed us to support 6 new families, put funds toward hiring a Program Manager, and send newcomers to a week-long camp. This is a reason to celebrate!

Rosaline Oh (featured in the video) is a volunteer for Refugee Support. During camp, 120 newcomers and volunteers spent the week sharing food, stories, and laughter. Rosaline held the hand of an Afghan grandmother as she worked up the courage to jump in the ocean for the very first time. She also got to welcome Afghan girls to ride their first bike or paddle their first kayak -- all experiences and joys that would have been impossible under Taliban rule or with the threat of war.

Your generosity allowed this camp to happen and God is doing amazing things through the ministry. Keep standing with newly arriving refugees in Greater Vancouver.

You can learn more and get involved at

Click below to watch 1 minute video.