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Picture: Shalom Valley, Tenth Liaison Makara praying with DOVE Founder Seila

From our June 27 Cambodia Prayer meeting on Zoom, hosted by Makara.  


  • My righteousness draws near speedily, my salvation is on the way, and my arm will bring justice to the nations. Isaiah 51:5 5

Updates and Prayer: 


  • A team from Australia will be training of Shalom Valley staff from July 14th to 16th. They will teach on how to run a camp in a professional way.
  • Prayed for Phearom: Wisdom, ongoing tax situations, title changes on the land titles.
  • Prayed for the planning and funding for the playground and the Chapel.
  • Prayed for Daroth: Africa gatherings with 20 leaders. Ongoing financial provision to sustain the alongsiders movement globally. 
  • Prayed for the Resource Centre that it will be a effective support to resource all the Alongsider nations.
  • Prayed for Craig and Ney’s kids as they study in New Zealand. 


  • Collaboration with Alongsiders and DOVE: Spending time together and recently had a lunch where there was great collaboration.
  • Prayed for the salvation of Cambodia's young people. Pray that we would learn to wait for the Holy Spirit and out of faithful waiting, rivers of living waters will flow all over Cambodia.... anointing each one to go out in the name of Jesus in the power of the Holy Spirit.
  • Prayed for Sarady, (ED of DOVE) and her leadership. Personal renewal, ongoing creativity and wisdom.
  • Prayed for Cambodia’s upcoming election later in July. Peaceful election. Many programs will be postponed during this season.
  • Prayed for Virak:  Finished his masters degree in counseling and has resigned from DOVE. Pray that he will be able to utilize his new education to make a deeper impact in an area of great need – counselling.
  • Prayed for all the drop-in centre managers and they manage the gap of Virak’s departure. 
  • The Onyx program graduates next month with 20 students. Pray that God would protect everyone during this election season and that everybody would finish their training effectively. Prayed that all are strengthened in faith and draw closer to Jesus Christ.

Manna4Life: Kevin and Leakhena Knight 

  • Kevin and Leakhena: So many students (especially when they reach 15 to 16 years old face the pressure of leaving school from parents who want them to work at ages. There are a few students that  Kevin and Leakhena are extraordinarily concerned about. Overall the 53 students in the school are doing very well and 2 are in university.
  • Tua continues to do well with music classes, teaching guitar, leading football. In a recent football tournament, the boys teams placed first in the second. Cambodians even have fun when they lose.
  • There is now a concrete road through the village which could help with the sale of the property eventually. 
  • Five more students will be going to university next year.  Need to find a scholarships for their studies in Phnom Penh (no universities in the village). 
  • Barakah is in grade 2 and birthday is July 1st. All the family are doing really well right now. 
  • July 1st is Prayer Day. Praying for the arm of justice to make a difference in Cambodia.  God will come speedily in response to the cries of God’s people, how long O Lord?
  • Prayed for Kevin and Leakhena, that they will be refreshed in their hearts that their eyes would see Jesus Christ as their marriage would be blessed and a blessing to others.

Next Cambodia prayer meeting is July 25.  Get zoom link here

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