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Zak Koftinoff has been sent to Cambodia from Tenth Church to serve as a global worker. 

Here are his prime areas of responsibility:  

  • Overseeing and managing the Transit Monitoring Project, operated by Extreme Love Ministries.
  • Walking alongside youth & young adults in discipleship, life skills and friendship with Partnership Cambodia. 
  • Helping bring the Journey Canada course to Cambodia with Church of Christ Our Peace. 

Find out what is blossoming by reading Zak's latest update


Earlier this year, Zak participated in the Kairos Course at Tenth, and this is what he had to say about it. "I appreciate the strategy. I used to think making disciple was about walking with people. But the course presents “Jesus’ curriculum” breaking down the strategy and laying out clearly defined steps to follow.  How can the Church go forward? As the Church, we have to be praying!

Kairos helps to align our life with God and His mission  Find out more about Kairos which starts January 11, 2021.