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This post was contributed by Ana Velazquez, Tenth Global Coordinator.

Life is a tapestry woven with moments that transform us, leaving a long-lasting mark on our hearts. In the journey of life, we encounter pain and brokenness, but amidst the challenges, the Holy Spirit fills us with joy and gratitude. Our justice journey to Cambodia has been a testament of resilience, where tears of pain have given way to tears of joy.

Through meaningful partnerships, we have immersed ourselves in the lives of our Cambodian brothers and sisters. Walking alongside them, we have witnessed the beauty that arises from the ashes of brokenness. In the midst of despair, we discovered a beacon of hope and love that transcends boundaries.

As we journey through Cambodia, we attest to the inside beauty of people's lives. Their inside and outside worlds reveal a profound sense of love and community that touches our hearts. Gratitude, joy, love, fellowship, and strength are some of the attributes that can describe our Cambodian friends. As made unto his likeness, we are marveled at the full expression of their gifts, talents, and abilities. It has been a privilege to share in their laughter and to experience the blossoming of their potential.

In this land, with its storied past, we have learned that true joy lies in embracing the uniqueness of each person we encounter and loving them well.  As we continue to journey in Cambodia with justice, let us carry forward the lessons learned, cherishing the tears of joy that have bloomed amidst the tapestry of life.

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Stay connected through the stories that celebrate Cambodia's beauty. Thanks for being a part of this journey.

Ana Velazquez