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This newspost was written by Tenth Liason in Phnom Penh, Mr. Un Makara.  Makara has been a vital part of our Global Mentors program which about mutual spiritual transformation for mission leaders.  Sarady and Serey are also part of Global Mentors, which uses Pastor Ken's book 'Survivor Guide for the Soul' as a framework. 

ONYX is first and foremost about helping emerging leaders in their journey that engages in healing from their pain and becoming more fully human. It is about becoming awake and aware of who one is, and all that they are in God. DOVE leaders help them detach from an over-identification with their thinking, feelings, and past baggage. It is about freedom, about the Gospel.

Onyx is the name of DOVE's leadership program in Cambodia. Tenth has walked alongside DOVE's leadership for 14 years, and we are very excited about what God is doing through the current leadership team. 

Onyx participants spend a year (48 weeks), together in community with the aim of becoming wounded healers that bring encouragement and empowerment to all those they serve in all their contexts. They show ownership and generosity by sharing their resources and paying their own tuition fees - rather than churches or NGOs paying for them. This allows the Onyx program to be reproducible and scalable. An example of this is in Kampong Leng, where one of the former ONYX students hosts the ONYX class with her own initiative and resources while receiving curriculum and leadership support from DOVE.   

Mrs. Sarady, the new DOVE director is an emerging leader who has the vision to expand the ONYX movement to other provinces such as Mondulkiri and Siem Reap. Mrs. Serey, the ONYX Manager also has a passion for training the former ONYX students to facilitate classes and bring ONYX to their communities.  

Let's continue to cheer on these emerging leaders as they become wounded healers for a new generation. 


NOTE:  For me, Patrick, as the Pastor of International Missions, it has been a huge joy to see how DOVE has pivoted well during these days in the pandemic under great leadership.  Sarady, Serey, and Makara continue to be mentored by the wise counsel and encouragement of DOVE Founder Lokru Seila to equip young leaders in their calling.  

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Picture above shows Sarady middle left and Serey middle right