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Back in the days when we used to travel, spending time with Manna4Life in a village an hour away from Phnom Penh was always a highlight. Kevin left Tenth on a Tenth Cambodia Justice Journey in 2008 and loved it so much that he packed a few bags and moved to Cambodia where he later pioneered Manna4Life with his wife Leakhena. 

Manna4Life would like to introduce (for those who don't already know them) Tour and Pheara.

God blesses us in many ways and none more so than the people He places in our lives. Tour and Pheara are a perfect example of that.

This couple has a huge heart to see as many children as possible know the love of Christ and become leaders in the future of Cambodia. For many of these students, it starts with the attention, love, and encouragement they get from this God-fearing couple.

Tour and Pheara spend half their day at Glory school. They work with kids who are struggling or need extra help and tutor them, and as a result, many of these students are now top of the class. In the afternoon, Tour and Pheara spend time in the community, building relationships with the parents of many of these kids and encouraging them to keep their children in school.

Tour also runs a sports outreach program where youth are brought together to play soccer in a space where they gain confidence, build character, and are listened to and offered mentorship. Tour is like a big brother to many, and Pheara, a big sister. Additionally, Tour teaches music and Pheara teaches English classes in the village. Outside of their responsibilities at Manna4Life, they are involved in their local church where Tour is the worship leader.

It is not often you can find like-minded individuals with servant's hearts who are willing to work in remote areas for little pay beacuse doing God's work brings them joy. 

God is blessing them now with a child of their own (Pheara is 4 months pregnant) and we hope you can join us in prayer for this amazing couple.

PS: The majority of students from Mango Tree School are now attending Glory school.  

Blessings from Kevin and Leakhena Knight and the Manna4Life team

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As you can imagine, continuing to walk alongside a rural poor village during such trying times has been a real challenge.  Your prayer and donations for Manna4Life are deeply appreciated.  To give a donation for Manna4Life, give to the Cambodia fund and let Hannah at know.