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“Every time you spend money, you're casting a vote for the kind of world you want.” 

Of the 10 partnerships Tenth Church has in Cambodia, a few are specifically focused on combatting human trafficking. A big part of the rehabilitation process is empowering survivors with stable, rewarding, and valuable work in an effort to help them stay free from exploitative lifestyles and have a meaningful life.

More than just supporting our partners in creating jobs, Tenth has helped our partners create healing spaces where groups of women find community while healing, being trained in business and practical skills, and creating beautiful products together. 

The Tenth Church Fair Trade Christmas Sale is one way we can support these efforts from Canada. For those of you that purchased items at our Fair Trade Christmas sale, thank you for voting with your money!   

Precious Women, Daughters, and Extreme Love Ministries all provide vocational training for women who have left or desire to leave lives of sexual exploitation and abuse. Leaving these situations is not easy as they are almost always pressured to provide money for the family and to pay for debts they have incurred.

Precious Women

  • The women are trained in sewing, cooking, beauty, and esthetician work over the course of a year. During the year, the Precious Women staff also teach the Bible and share the love of Jesus with them through personal relationship building and intentional times of discipleship. At the end of their training, they have the skills needed to be able to be more self-sufficient and provide for themselves and their families without needing to return to exploitive work. 
  • Many people from Tenth have appreciated the detail that has gone into creating handmade jewelry and decorations made from repurposed magazines.


  • Daughters has developed significantly over the years and currently has a production centre, a visitor centre where tourists can buy beautifully made products, a café, and a spa. Supporting these initiatives is a strong team, onsite church, and effective counselling services.
  • We have sold their Christmas decorations for the past 4 years at Fair Trade Christmas.

Extreme Love

  • At Extreme Love Ministries, the women go for a 6-month training and discipleship program where they learn employable skills through sewing. During this course, they also learn valuable mentorship and life skills. After their training, they can choose to remain with the ministry and continue meaningful work. At the sewing business, the women are able to sew scarves, shirts, handbags, and more. These products are not cookie-cutter products. Instead, the women pray about each item, fabric, and product name before they create it.
  • The scarves and handbags were bit hits at Fair Trade Christmas as they all sold out very quickly. 

Fair Trade Christmas celebrates stories of change and freedom

Tenth’s partner organizations work day in and day out to ensure that each person receives care, love, and learns about the deep worth and value bestowed upon each person by God.

Your ongoing prayer and continued support of our Cambodia vision is deeply valued not just at Christmas, but the whole year-round. 

Thank you for voting for change!

Learn more about our Cambodia vision or go on a Cambodia Justice Journey.  


Written by Zak Koftinoff - Zak serves with Extreme Love in Cambodia, is currently in Vancouver receiving training, and will go back to Cambodia in June 2020.

Edited by Patrick Elaschuk


Tenth his invited Solida (Founder of Precious Women) and Sopheak (Operations Manager of Precious Women) to spend a couple of weeks with Tenth from May 2-16.  If they get their Canadian visas, they will be sharing at a Tenth event called "Joining Hands for Justice" and attending our Weekend Away.  Stay tuned for details.

 “Every time you spend money, you're casting a vote for the kind of world you want.”  -Anna Lappe