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A devastating earthquake and aftershocks have killed and injured thousands, and many children are affected

On February 6 a magnitude 7.8 earthquake, followed by a magnitude 7.5 earthquake—believed to be the strongest in the region in over a century—struck southeastern Türkiye and northern Syria. The death toll stands at approximately 18,000 in Türkiye and more than 3,000 in Syria, according to Reuters. Tens of thousands more are believed to be injured. The number of dead and injured is expected to climb.

World Vision is on the ground and currently assessing the situation to determine needs. Distribution of heating and food supplies to shelters is already underway. These supplies include tents, mattresses, tarpaulins, heaters and ready-to-eat food.

World Vision’s immediate areas of response are:

Gaziantep and Sanliurfa in Türkiye
Azaz, Afrin and Idlib in Syria

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