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Enjoying the sweet fruit of eleven years of relationships in Cambodia, our partners are so grateful for Tenth standing with them over the years - not just sending money, but skill building, sharing expertise, prayer, emotional support, and friendship.

Reflecting on our most recent Cambodia Justice Journey, my heart is warm and spirit is exhilarated.  Why you ask?  I was super encouraged by all the partners we spent time with (see below) and enjoyed our team as they embraced the mission and the God of the mission.   

We started or ended nearly every day with lectio divina (divine reading where we aim to seek the presence of the Living God through reading, meditation, prayer, and contemplation) on justice scriptures.  God faithfully revealed his heart for justice, mercy, and Cambodia while we engaged in the diving readings. 

Our first reading was on Matthew 6:19-24, which included impacting truths like "store up for yourselves treasures in heaven...for where your treasure is, there your heart will be also, ... and you cannot serve both God and money." There is something profound when lectio divina is exercised in community and followed by going into the world to experience injustices and extreme poverty.  Every day’s reading seemed to open our eyes to how God was inviting us to join Him in his huge heart of compassion and justice.  Read the full lectio divina for day 1. 

The injustice issues in Cambodia seem insurmountable, but God is alive through our courageous friends and partners bringing God's beauty and justice.  What an honour it is for us to walk alongside them, working together in storing up treasures in the Kingdom of Heaven, and the Kingdom of Cambodia.

Thank you for everyone that has prayed for our team, and our Cambodia partners, and for those that have given their time or treasures to Tenth’s vision in Cambodia. 


NOTE: Picture is part of our team doing lectio divina.


Partners and friends we spent time with this year in order of visiting.

Asian Outreach in Stung Treng – Assisting Children to School (ACTS) and Hope Training Centre and Farm.  Visited homes and schools,

Reaksa Himm in Siem Reap – Long time friend who has taught us so much through his story and books; Tears of My Soul and After the Heavy Rain.  Prayed with Reaksa and his ministry.

Work of your Hand in Siem Reap - Christian & Missionary Alliance marketplace missionaries who mobilize local artisans.   Will sell some of their products at Fair Trade Christmas at Tenth on December 2.

DOVE in Kampong Chhnang – DOVE has 2 main projects; Onyx leadership training and Shalom Anna, a new business as mission bottled water business.  Prayed for DOVE and learned about the business. 

Precious Women in Phnom Penh – Precious Women's staff has grown significantly thanks to Tenth’s support.  Encouraged as we observed how Lida and her team continue to empower women who have been exploited in the sex/entertainment industry with dignity, equality and opportunity.

Chab Dai in Phnom Penh –  Chab Dai continues to rally and share resources for the 55 organizations they bring together to abolish all forms of abuse and exploitation.  Received updates from the 3 projects Tenth funds. 

Ratanak in Phnom Penh – Ratanak has developed a strategic priority of welcoming trafficked women back to Cambodia through their nearly completed welcome centre.  Spent time with Cambodia Director and prayed for Ratanak.   

Manna4Life in Oudong - Our very own Kevin and Leakhena Knight continue to build the community through Mango Tree School and community based initiatives.  Had wonderful times with the students, the M4L staff, helping out with lice treatment and planting the first moringa tree for the upcoming Trees4Life farm.  

Alongsiders in Phnom Penh – Alongsiders is primarily a youth and children’s discipleship and leadership development movement focusing on vulnerable communities.  It is amazing to see the growth of the team and the quality of their work not only in Cambodia, but the 15 other countries they have now expanded to.  Enjoyed lunch with the team and received updates.  

Alongsiders in Kep Shalom Valley – It was a joy to work alongside the Shalom Valley team as they continue building the first Christian camp in Cambodia.  The goal for the first youth camp is December 2018. Worked alongside local team, prayed together and bonded with the team.  

Raju travelled with us for 5 days – One of our dearest friends, Raju, who has mentored the senior church and NGO leaders over the past 10 years among other things, joined our team as we went to Kep and helped us with our lectio divina and debriefing.