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Food has a special way of drawing people together, and Cambodian food is no different. 

The "Taste of Cambodia" on May 24 was a memorable evening of:

  • Eating tasty Cambodian food including; Loc Lac (beef steak), chicken curry, wings and papaya salad washed down with delicious lemongrass iced tea.
  • Hearing from folks that have been impacted by Cambodian including one of our missionaries serving in Cambodia with DOVE, Lynn Ogata. 
  • Learning more about our 9 years in Cambodia and our amazing partners.   

Moving forward with our vision over the next few years will require a Vancouver-based Cambodia team that will serve Cambodia in the following areas:

  1. Marketing and Communications:  Writing and sharing partner stories to show impact / changed lives, raise awareness and raise funds.  Includes copywriting, filmmaking, photography, social media. 
  2. Events and Hospitality:   Sharing the vision and educating the community through holding events and hosting missionaries.
  3. Finances and Legal:  Creating and rolling out MOUs with Cambodian partners, and ensuring high-quality book keeping and accountability. 
  4. Team Leadership:  Developing servant leaders to assist and eventually lead teams in Vancouver and to Cambodia.
  5. Business as Mission:  Supporting and developing business as mission in Cambodia and Vancouver. 
  6. Partner Liaison:  Serving as a key point person for a Cambodian partner in prayer, relationship and communication. 
  7. Regional Missions Liaisons:  Serving as a point person for a regional group of our 25 missionaries that we support in Africa, Europe, Canada, Asia (excluding Cambodia). 

Do your skills and passion lay in any one or more of these areas?  If so.....

Next Steps:

  • Come to a Serve Cambodia rollout meeting where will go over roles in greater detail, do some brainstorming in small groups and develop an action plan.  Sunday, June 5th at 5pm in the Lounge at Tenth Church.  
  • Can't come.... If you are unable to join us, email to get the meeting notes and share your area of interest. 
  • Get more acquainted with our partners at

Serving Cambodia with you,


Patrick Elaschuk

Pastor of International Missions at Tenth Church