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Tenth Church has in many ways been in partnership and supported Journey Home Community, A Christian humanitarian organization that serves refugee claimants in Metro Vancouver. They have been a true blessing to many families and have many great initiatives moving forward into 2016.

Have you been looking into supporting refugee families but are still not sure how you want to get involved, then Journey Home might have a solution for you.

Journey Home Community is currently seeking two live-in volunteers (a married couple or two singles) to live as Core Hosts in one of the Olivet Welcome Houses, located in New Westminster (10 mins from the New West skytrain station).

Not sure whether you would be interested in serving this way? Try asking yourselves these questions:

Do you have a heart for the vulnerable and oppressed?
Do enjoy providing hospitality and hosting a warm and welcoming space?
Are you open to living alongside and learning  about other cultures, religions, and ways of life?
Are you friendly, sociable, warm and compassionate?
Do you want to make cross-cultural friendship that will be a mutual blessing AND benefit from a reduced rental rate?

Did you answer yes to the questions above? Well then, perhaps it's worth taking a look into!

If you or someone you know wants to learn more, email