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Since the summer, we have been gathering on Zoom for film screenings and times of discussion and prayer on a regular basis. These events, called Just 58, have been so wonderful as we have been able to connect with friends all around the world and talk about the things that really matter.

This past week we were joined by many friends from Cambodia, including Makara, Phearom, Chenda, and Craig. We got to hear the transformational testimony of a woman who was once a refugee, and now is a leader with Alongsiders International. She uses her influence to share the love that she has been shown, and lives have been forever changed through her!

This Just 58 event was truly so inspiring. It is incredible to be part of a community that values the sharing of stories, and holds space for each other. We heard stories of grief, of hope, and of transformation. We heard stories of commitment and of sacrifice. Phearom and Chenda, who are local leaders in Cambodia, shared how they see Jesus’ teachings being lived out in their communities. Beyond these personal stories, conversation found its way to contemplation of God’s heart for justice. We spent some time reflecting on the mission of Alongsiders International – to walk with those who walk alone, because that is Jesus’ heart for the poor and marginalized. To have a community who cares for us is Jesus’ heart for all of us too!

We would love for you to join us at the next Just 58 event! Come and hear stories about God’s love showing up all around the world, and join in conversations by sharing your own justice stories as well.

On December 8, we’ll be gathering on Zoom yet again, this time for a discussion about anti-trafficking work in Cambodia, with Brian McConaghy from Ratanak joining us! We would love for you to join us.

More information about the next Just 58 film screening and discussion can be found here.