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Storied Garden Fundraiser for ICC

By Laara Ong

International China Concern (ICC) will be putting on “Storied Garden” on June 13, a fundraiser to remember and to raise awareness for children with disabilities in China.  I didn't really know much about ICC until I was approached for help with the fundraiser.

I was familiarizing myself with how ICC started and have to admit that I shed quite a few tears reading about the conditions of the welfare centres where the children with disabilities were housed, when the founder, David Gotts, first came upon them when he was 19!!  At 19 I was agonizing about whether to perm my hair or not, because the last time I got a perm, I asked for a body wave and got an afro!!  Not good.  David at 19 yrs of age is picking up unloved and dying babies in a foreign country, and thus was the seed of ICC planted.  

Not only does ICC take in abandoned children with disabilities, but they also provide support for families who want to keep their children with disabilities but are not financially able to do so.  Learning more about this organization stirs my heart to do my part in what God is doing in China for the lowest of the low.

If you are inspired to support ICC and find out more about the life-changing work they are doing in China, please come and join me at the “Storied Garden” on June 13, 2019 starting at 6:30pm.  This special evening will be held at the Dr. Sun Yat Sen Garden, there will be culinary delights as well as unique theatrical presentations throughout the garden.

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NOTE:  Tenth Church has been walking alongside ICC for many years and has been deeply inspired by David Gott's compassion for the chidren of China.  Laara Ong is part of Tenth's Missions Leadership Team.