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Instead of usual Spring Break activities, some Tenth families will be living and serving on a ranch this March in Mexico. 

This will be our first family-centric Justice Journey as a response to many Tenth folks wanting to introduce their families to global justice and poverty issues while being part of building long-term Tenth relationships with strategic partners.  

The team of 16 (9 adults and 7 kids) will be working and ministering on a real ranch in La Paz Mexico with one of Tenths partners called Rancho El Camino.  If you are familiar with the Alongsiders Shalom Valley Camp in Cambodia, the vision and values are very similar. 

See if you can recognize anyone in the picture above. 

Our team will be living a ranch rule of life, working on the ranch and getting our hands dirty in the organic garden as we build relationships with local Mexican families and support the long term community development vision of Rancho El Camino. 

Tenth’s long term goal is to help the Ranch advance the organic farm so that it will not only provide nourishing food for the immediate community, but deliver fresh organic produce for the surrounding barrios and eventually generate income by selling to hotels, restaurants and markets.

Team members are:

  • Ewing Family (Jay, Milissa, Claire and Aida) - Evening 
  • Kuo Family (Maggie and Casey) - Mount Pleasant
  • Bohlmann Family (Gordon, Kerrilyn and Brooklyn) - Kitsilano
  • Holownia Family (Jade, Brandy, Grace, Ethan and Alicia) - East Van
  • Jonathan Rodrigo - Evening
  • Patrick Elaschuk - Mount Pleasant

Not all of our team members have all the necessary funds and we also want to bless the ranch with some resources, so we have a fundraising goal of $5500. 

Would you consider standing with our Family Justice Journey team by:

  1. Praying for our team before, during and after our Journey. 
  2. Supporting our team financially.  You can donate here by choosing Mexico Justice Journey. Click here to give.  Chose Mexico Trip Fund.  You may also put your donation in a tithing envolepe on Sundays - marked Mexico Trip Fund.  
  3. Buying some baked goods on Sunday March 10th or attending a Taste of Mexico in July to hear about their experiences.  

For those of you that are interested, below is a video of the ranch. 

Support our Tenth Families Journey to Mexico now 

This is the first of an annual Spring Break Journey to Mexico.  We will be starting to accept applications for Spring 2020 Mexico team in May 2019.  

Thank you for standing with our team as we join with God, for others in Mexico.