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M. grew up with dreams of riding a bike, and recently this dream came true! Since coming to Canada as a refugee she has faced significant challenges, but has consistently met them with hope and resilience. M has overcome her fears and gained new experiences, including riding a bike alongside the community of friends she has made in Canada. Keep reading to hear her story...

A ride for hope and peace!

I dreamed of having my own bike since I was 8 years old. “A girl can’t ride, a girl can’t have a bike” were some of the restrictions in our society. 

I still remember the first day when I was gifted a new bike from one of the Tenth Church members. Was it a dream right away? Nope. It wasn’t. 

As a newcomer to Canada, dealing with problems such as being far from family, and starting a new life in a new environment were my major concerns, while despite it all I was learning to ride to conquer this frustration.

Eventually, I was invited by team of volunteers from Journey Home to participate in fundraising for refugees. As an asylum seeker my heart was willing to be a part of this journey, but meanwhile, I wasn’t sure if I would be able to ride for 3 hours. The motivational messages from the participants changed my way of thinking to believe in myself and so I participated. The bike riding wasn’t just an event to obtain the goal of fundraising, but more about supporting humanity. 

I learned that there are people who are still working for others who are in need, no matter who they are. 

During the journey I dropped off the bike two times, while the team kept me motivated to move on and fight my fears. We ended up raising funds and also found a group of new friends from different backgrounds. 

Thank you Journey Home, you are a real supporter!

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Tenth provides housing and basic necessities of life for asylum seekers during their first few months in Canada, modeled after our ministry partner Journey Home Community.

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