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As new life is about to bud on the vines and branches in Vancouver, there are a few easy ways to help refugees find new life in our city.  

3 opportunities happening soon: 

1.  Condensed Training for Refugees: Monday March 4th at 5:45pm

Learn how to better serve and walk alongside refugees. This training will be held on Monday March 4th, in partnership with Journey Home Community. As members of the Tenth community, it is free for you to participate! Click here for details and registration. Deadline for registration closes March 4 @10am. 

2.  Community Dinner:Tuesday March 5th at 6pm

The next day, following the training is an opportunity to meet some of the families Tenth walks alongside. Dinner is provided. Register here

3.  Borders to Beginnings: Saturday May 11 at 5:30pm

Our annual Borders to Beginnings will be held in May. This event features what Tenth is doing to serve refugees in our community, and opportunities to be involved. Tickets are $30 each. 

This spring is the time to learn, engage, and participate in Tenth's involvement in serving refugees. 

Questions? Ask Hannah at