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'We are striving to forge a union with purpose. To compose a country committed to all cultures, colours, characters, and conditions of man.  And so we lift our gazes not to what stands between us but what stands before us.  We close the divide because we know, to put our future first, we must first put our differences aside’. Amanda Gorman

As we remain rooted in God, may we reach out with welcome to all cultures and colours. 

Interested in walking alongside our newcomer friends claiming refugee status in Canada?  Here are some ways to get involved.

  1. Taste of Community - Be part of a mutual learning affinity group where we include our refugee friends.  Examples are:
    • Community Dinners
    • Photography Group
    • Hiking / Swimming Activities
    • Book Club
    • Entrepreneur Group
    • Cooking Group
    • Art or Music Group
  2. Welcome Refugees - Roll up your sleeves by providing practical help in refugee support.
    • Helping with moves
    • Delivering a welcome basket
    • Helping with education and skill-building
    • Supporting with admin / legal 
    • Helping with employment prep and networking
    • Raising funds / giving money
    • Helping with special events – Christmas, Refugee month, Easter, Thanksgiving
    • Donating household items, clothing, or furniture
  3. Opportunities for English Conversation
    • Formal and informal spaces where volunteers and newcomers converse in English. 
  4. Training and Prayer
    • Stay tuned for our next refugee training day.
    • Next prayer time is February 7 - register here
  5. Work with us!  Great employment opportunity with refugees with Tenth and Journey Home Community.  See job description. Apply to 

If any of these opportunities strike a chord with you, contact

More info

Upcoming Events:

  1. Just 58 Community, Refugees, and Lebanon: Sunday, January 24, 7:15pm
  2. Mission Central talk on ESL with New Immigrants: Saturday, January 30, 1:00pm
  3. Prayer – Prayer for our refugee ministry: Sunday, February 7, 12:00pm
  4. Life Jacket (Refugee Film): Saturday, February 27, 10:30am

PS: Learn how Eva got involved - one of our new refugee support volunteers.

Be with us, Holy Mystery of Love, as we dream together, to reconcile the people of our land, restore our dream, and invest it with peace and justice and the joy that is the overflow of love. To the glory of your name forever. Amen.  Father Leo J. O'Donovan from the US Presidential Inauguration