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There are many opinions of the refugee situation at the moment with the events surrounding Syria.

 Admist all of the strong statements, it can be quite confusing to know how we as Christians should respond. If you were here to listen Jaylynn Byassee's sermon this past Sunday you would have heard about how we are called to ListenSee, and Seek. If you did not get the chance to hear Jaylynn speak, click the link to get a better impression of how we should respond to the refugees. 

At Tenth Church, we have been concerned about refugees in Vancouver for many years and have even sponsored a family before. 

Building on our experience coupled with the critical need we have in our city, we are restarting and strengthening our refugee response.

If you are curious as to what you could do to help in any capacity, download the file below to see a list of ways you can support those in need during this crisis. Some ways are as simple as just praying often for the families invovled. 

One event you might be interested in being part of, is our Refugee Info Evening on Friday February 5th at 7pm in the Upper East Hall that will give a more in depth look as to how Tenth, and possibly you can get involved.