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13 years ago, on the day that we rolled out our long term strategy for Cambodia at Tenth, Brian McConaghy shared at our services and helped cast a vision for Tenth's engagement in a country that has been through so much pain.  

Fast forward to today, Tenth and Ratanak (the organization Brian set up 30 years ago to restore freedom to its vulnerable Cambodians) continue to stand together in our mutual vision of restoration in the land once known as the Killing Fields.  

I was so encouraged to hear firsthand stories this week from the Ratanank team that I wanted to pass some on to you.  The level of influence that Ratanak is reaching is astounding as doors continue to open wide for the high capacity Ratanak team on the ground in Cambodia.  

If you have only a few minutes, read this heartfelt blog from Brian.

A few months before the COVID-19 pandemic started, I stood from an upper floor and watched as one of our vans drove into Ratanak’s centre in Cambodia. As the Founding Director, I’d seen this before, but something was different. This van carried extremely precious cargo… two young women recently escaped from slavery in China. They were bedraggled, wearing ill-fitting clothes. Both were skinny and their body language communicated defeat.  Continue reading here

If you have a few more minutes, check out this 5-minute video by Graeme.

If you have an hour, you will enjoy Ratanak's 30th Anniversary video

We will be having a JUST58 zoom gathering with Brian and some of the Ratanak team in the next few months, so stay posted to our upcoming events.  

Let's keep Ratanak in the forefront of our prayers and support.