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Thank you for being with God, for others in 2018.  We have had an amazing year with Tenth Local and Global, with so many special memories.  

So, one of my favourite moments in 2018 happened in Kep, Cambodia at the Alongsiders Shalom Valley Camp with a Business as Mission team from Tenth (pictured above).  A stunning sunset was about to take place and as Mart-Jan emphasized Shalom Valley's vision for bringing hope, community and love to Cambodian young people, we experienced a moment of 'wow'.  We were 'wowed' by the potential Shalom Valley has as the first Christian camp in Cambodia to be a facilitator of healing and calling.  We began to envision together a Cambodia that is healed from the abuses of the past and called into creating a future where the kingdom of God reigns.  In that moment, we prayed.  Mart-Jan is a very talented Dutch engineer and the Director of Shalom Valley.  Find a short video excerpt below.

A close runner-up for favourite moment also from Kep was sitting in a Business as Mission coffee shop called Khmer Hands, sharing strategic sustainability ideas with Shalom Valley staff, followed by a tasty meal (including crab) and a prayer and worship time inside the coffee shop. Sunset picture is view from Khmer Hands.  

It is moments like these in Cambodia, Mexico or Vancouver where we can capture a glimpse of Jesus making all things new through his global family. 

2018 was amazing, and we are envisioning a remarkable 2019!  Please pray for our local and global friends and projects, and consider getting involved!  

Another way you can help us in 2019 is by giving a year-end donation to Tenth Global.   

By giving to Tenth Global, you support

- our 10 Cambodian partners through the CAMBODIA FUND

- our 25 missionaries around the world, our strategic global partners, and projects with the C&MA through the MISSIONS FUND

- our work with refugees through the REFUGEE FUND

FYI: These three funds do not receive money from the GENERAL FUND (offering) at Tenth.  CAMBODIA, MISSIONS and REFUGEE FUNDS completely rely on designated donations.  

Give now.

Thank you for continuing to support our partners here and beyond!

Patrick Elaschuk and all the missions teams

Mission Leadership Team

Cambodia Support Team

Refugee Support Team

Oasis Leadership Team