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As we approach another new year, I have been reflecting on Old Years Night of 1992. On that night, I was responsible for leading a team in a 5-hour church service in Guatemala, to wrap up 1992 in a bow, and welcome in 1993.

I had never done such a thing, so when the Pastor told us that I would be leading the whole service that evening, I felt a bit intimidated. I was prepared for a couple hours (preaching, team testimonies, prayer, worship, etc.), but the extra 3 hours seemed a bit of a stretch.  

In the early morning of January 1, 1993, on the way back to our residence (we slept in a 3-tiered network of hammocks that hung from pillars in an unfinished room of a church member’s house – another crazy story involving a pig, for another time…), I experienced a moment of the wonder of God, for so powerfully working in our team to lead a people hungry in the presence of Jesus to:

  • let go of some of disappointments and pains of the year
  • worship God for his faithfulness  
  • fix our hearts and minds on following Jesus in the new year.  

Looking back, one of the reasons why God may have used that team so powerfully is that they were selfless, prayerful, and passionate about knowing God and sharing His benefits. So, 25 years later, I am still praying that I will be able to let go of my selfish ways, take up the cross and follow Jesus in God’s grace and presence.     

2017 has been a great year for Tenth Global, in Cambodia, in the lives of those who have been on mission with God, with our 25 missionaries around the world, and with refugees. As the old year passes, if you would like to give a year-end donation to the missions fund, you can do so by clicking here or designating it on Sunday, December 31 at Tenth Church. 


  • Old Years Night is what some places call New Year Eve.
  • 1993 became a very special year for me as I met and married my wife, based on something I heard on that Old Years Night.
  • The Tenth general fund does not supply funds for the Tenth missions fund.  The way that we do all that we do in missions financially is by generous supporters giving directly to the missions fund.      

May you end this year well in the grace and presence of Jesus and enter the New Year with a new wonder in the magnificence of God and His work, and may we all be drafted into His great endeavors in an increasing way in 2018.