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Today was the last day of our Cambodia mission’s trip and we will leave Phnom Penh tomorrow morning. As I recap my day here, I inevitably think about how quickly our two weeks have gone by. This has been a whirlwind two weeks of anticipation, excitement, anxiety, surprises, encouragements, provision and Love from the One who loves us. I am very thankful and blessed for my brothers and sisters who have been praying for us. Although I am thousands of miles away from my home, I can sense just how closely God hears and answers my prayers. For prayers that have yet to be answered, I can hear Him speak to me like a dear friend consoling and counselling me every step of the way.

This trip would not be complete without tasting exotic delicacies. That’s right everyone. I ate a cricket today. For those who know me will understand just how daring this is of me. However, I must confess this is not as impressive as it sounds (while keeping in mind this is a small feat for some). What really went down was this: I could not bear to look too closely into the bowl of crickets nor could I pick out a small cricket to try. Michael was kind enough to pick one for me but I could not bring myself to hold it with my fingers so then Mandy offered to drop it into my mouth. After she took the cricket from Michael, her hand began shaking violently and for a long couple seconds, I wanted to back out but Vanessa urged us to get on with it. So I reluctantly and fearfully obliged. The sauce the crickets are cooked in makes this delicacy tolerable. You can see a full video of this experience soon. Mandy and everyone else were also brave enough to try out the silk worms and ants. However, this was as far as I could take it. I am also recovering from an ant infestation experience but it’s not as bad it sounds. Just ask David Ens.

As I say goodbye to this place I have come to experience and love, I am filled with hope and of the Holy Spirit. God has opened my physical and spiritual eyes to what He is doing in Cambodia. He has showed me the great lengths some people and young children travel to hear the word of God. He has also allowed me to participate in the building of a classroom at an evangelical church, to visit and play with children from remote villages and to pass out bread to malnourished children. I would return to Cambodia in a heartbeat. However, I do not want to romanticize and unrealistically evaluate my mission’s trip and possible future plans. Their needs are very real and heartbreaking and I want to be a part of something sustainable, something full of hope and dreams, something … greater dare I say? Yes, because our God is Great!

Please continue to pray for our team because we are still very much digesting and processing what we have seen and experienced in these past couple weeks. I don’t know how much I have changed since coming here. A dear brother of mine spoke wisdom into me prior to my departure and I have held onto his kind and wise words during my entire trip. I wanted to experience and see a ‘big’ change in myself on this mission’s trip in Cambodia but God is our potter and He changes us as He pleases. Even if the change is minute but is God ordained, it can be like a seed planted in which He will gradually sow and tend in our hearts and minds.

I am excited to return home very soon! I miss Vancouver. Thank you to all of our supporters, friends and family for making this trip happen. We are very blessed! I leave you with this bible verse: “And Elisha prayed, “Open his eyes, Lord, so that he may see.” Then the Lord opened the servant’s eyes, and he looked and saw the hills full of horses and chariots of fire all around Elisha.” - 2 Kings 6:17 (NIV)

- Bernice Ma