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Paperwork and appointments, housing, job applications, connections to resources, and friendships galore! As our community of refugees grows, so does the amount of transitional support required. We recently welcomed Tess Fuller, our new Refugee Settlement Worker, to join us in walking alongside newcomers. 
Tenth: Tell us a bit about your role and what you will be doing. 
Tess: A community of newcomers, mostly refugee claimants, is steadily growing in and around Tenth. Up until now it has been almost entirely volunteer-driven. I have just stepped into the newly-created role of settlement worker and will support people as they establish themselves in Vancouver.
Tenth: What made you interested in the role? What are you looking forward to?
Tess: I worked with refugee claimants for a few years with the Mennonite Central Committee, assisting them as they adjusted to life here. At the same time I was getting more involved at Tenth, particularly at the new UBC-Pt. Grey site. So when I found out that Tenth was looking for someone to work with the refugee community, I felt a joyful calling to take this on.
Tenth: What is your hope for newcomers to Canada?
Tess: My hope for newcomers is that they will be part of a caring and supportive community, and that they will work together to grow in their new country.
Tenth: In what ways can we be supporting you?
Tess: You can support us in prayer, and by personally learning more about the refugee claimant experience so that you can join us in community-building.
Tenth: What is something you have been loving lately?
Tess: Lately I've been loving the flowers blossoming everywhere.
Please keep Tess and our community in your prayers. If you are interested in knowing more or supporting refugees in Vancouver, email us.