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Not sure if you heard, but yesterday, Palm Sunday (March 20), apparently is also known as the UN International Day of Happiness (IDOH).  Who knew?  Leading up to I-DOH (kind of sounds like play dough), was the unveiling of the happiest countries on the planet.  Canada was not the happiest nation, but secured a spot in the top 10 with the happy land of Denmark coming in first this year, beating out the Swiss by a few smiles. 

Because the GDP (Gross Domestic Product) per capita is one of the 6 different criteria’s for ‘happiness’, most developing world countries struggle to gain the rank of ‘happiest’ due to the poll choice of the happiness criteria.  However, many of us share the same outlook, based on our experiences, that happiness and true joy is not found in materialism and security alone.  

In his book The Law of Happiness, Dr. Henry Cloud uses the analogy of turning on a computer to demonstrate his point about happiness. If the right button isn’t pushed on a computer, the computer doesn’t turn on. In a similar fashion, he writes “…humans are wired in such a way that when properly ‘turned on,’ they get happier.”  His research revealed what we all know, that most of happiness is internal and not dependent on external factors.  Happiness can grow when we develop inward strength in God and his Word and live in ways that God has wired us.

There are lots of reasons why we may not be happy or full of joy, as sometimes seasons and circumstances make happiness seemingly out of reach. Let me leave you with this quote from John Piper, ‘If you live gladly to make others glad in God, your life will be hard, your risks will be high and your joy will be full.’  Sounds a bit like missions to me.

Let’s be a glad people that risk our lives for the one who risked everything for us.

Upcoming mission’s events:  Save the Dates!

Wednesday March 30 – Tenth Global Soup’n Share; 6:30pm in the Upper East Hall RSVP to so we have enough food. Focus on China and Japan.

Sunday April 10 – Cambodia.  What’s Next? In Sunday services.

Sunday April 17 – Global Moment at all services.  

Friday April 29 - Cambodia Love Feast in the UEH at 6:30pm.  

Growing in gladness,


PS  The 6 criteria for the UN Happiness poll are; GDP per capita, social support, healthy life expectancy, social freedom, generosity, and perception of corruption.