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One of Tenth Church’s global priorities is to combat human trafficking.

As people that want to be better equipped and more aware of how we can be more proactive in standing for justice for those in enslaved in trafficking, we have invited 2 experts to share with us this Saturday morning at Tenth.

Sylvia Yu Friedman and Matt Friedman will be offering a comprehensive update on modern day human slavery. Matt and Sylvia’s talk will explore the changing human trafficking paradigm; the relationship between human trafficking and slavery; global trends and patterns; new, emerging responses; evolving funding trends; what is working/not working; the role of the private sector; and what is really needed to win the fight.

Before becoming an award winning journalist and news anchor in Hong Kong, Sylvia used to be part of the Tenth community and currently leads the 852 Freedom Campaign. Her husband Matt is an international trafficking expert and is founder of the The Mekong Club.

Please share this event with your friends and network.

For justice,

Patrick Elaschuk & Carmen Block