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 A remarkable thing happens when our stories become intertwined with others. 

Over the past 8 years, hundreds of people from Tenth have been beautifully impacted by Cambodia.  For some it has been by serving on a team that helped put on Cambodia events and learn Cambodian stories, and for others going to Cambodia has rocked their worlds.  Many have come back with a different view of the world and life’s priorities. 

One of our staffers, Tim Wong is such a person, who has had his story developed by his engagement with Cambodia.  After coming back from a Cambodia experience, he shares that justice is now intertwined with his day to day living.  His daily lens has shifted.  He now asks the question of the story behind the story to find out the root causes of brokenness.  By serving and journeying with Chab Dai, one of our partners that does an amazing job of combatting sexual exploitation and trafficking, Tim now has a new set of glasses, a new lens that helps him see and do justice issues in our back yard. 

There are a few ways that you can be part of the Tenth Cambodia story, either by staying or by going.  Make sure you go to to find out more.

PS...Save the Date – May 24, for a Cambodia Love Feast – where we will experience Cambodian food, Cambodian stories and be with one of our Cambodian partners.  Stay tuned for details.