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Reflecting on Missions Fest 2018, I would like to share with you a couple quick takeaways. *   

1. STORIES: A big highlight for me was to hear stories from so many called and courageous folks who have denied themselves, taken up their crosses and followed Jesus to some remarkable places. 

People like;

    • Marie Ens, who was at Missions Fest again representing the hundreds of orphaned and abandoned children under her grandma-care in Cambodia.  She is a dear friend who started Place of Rescue at age 66.  
    • Brian McConaghy, again faithfully telling the story of hope for Cambodia in his packed out seminar.  Brian will be sharing at Tenth on Friday, February 2nd after we show the film Angkor Awakens. See a short Missions Fest message video from Brian. 
    • Sharon Walraven, one of our own missionaries who lost her husband last year but continues to inspire and educate people in their calling through her role as the Canadian Coordinator for Perspectives (world missions course). 
    • Woven, the name of a team that is doing fist class business as mission (BAM) projects and bible based skill training with trafficking survivors in Laos.  They have roots in the C&MA (group of churches Tenth is part of).
    • …and so many more

2.  ROHINGYA:  I was inspired by hanging out with our good and long-time friend, Wayne Johnson, as the organization he leads recently transitioned from World Relief Canada to Tear Fund Canada.  He was very thankful for our recent gift of $10,000 for their work with Rohingya refugees in Bangladesh. With a 6-1 matching grant, our gift went a long way. 

May we all be on mission with God, following Jesus in remarkable places! 



* PS - Missions Fest Vancouver is one of the largest missions conferences in North America and took place January 26-28, 2018.