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It is great to see all the students doing well now that they are back in school full-time period. Many of the children struggled a bit with access to the school materials but they persevered and we didn't lose any students over this time.

We have almost 70 students still in full-time attendance at the school, all doing well compared to the government schooling.

We look forward to seeing them complete their studies. Right through to university. We currently have three students in university. Who are also doing really well in their studies.

Thank you for your continued care and support throughout the difficult time of the pandemic. Your prayers have been much appreciated.

Kevin and Leakhena Knight

Kevin and Leakhena , along with their daughter Beracah, journey with evicted communities in and around Phnom Penh, Cambodia. Many communities have been violently displaced because of gentrification in the fast-growing city of Phnom Penh. Since 2002, Kevin and Leakhena feel blessed to be able to come alongside these displaced communities and moved into one of them, called Tang Khiev. The ministry, Manna4Life, was started to work with these communities in Holistic and Participatory Development. This has grown into a ministry focused on educational opportunities for those in generational poverty. Today they support over 70 children in realizing their dreams and breaking the cycle of poverty that lack of education brings.

Kevin started his Cambodia journey while attending a Tenth service when we rolled out our Cambodia vision.  Kevin immediately sensed a call to Cambodia and joined on our next 2 Justice Journeys before moving to Cambodia.