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The people walking in darkness have seen a great light; on those living in the land of deep darkness a light has dawned… Isaiah 9:2

If we are to be honest, we have felt many times over this past year that we have been walking in darkness, blindly staggering forward not knowing what exactly the future may hold. Adding to the sense of loss of control has been the mental, emotional, and spiritual toll of watching the negative effects of Covid on some of the most vulnerable in our world. We have seen the death of loved ones, parents not able to provide for their children, loss of jobs and income, children & youth dropping out of school, depression, panic attacks, youth returning to lives of drugs and violence, and loss of healing and healthy human contact. All together it is easy to say that this has not just been a hard year but a dark year for many. 

But this Christmas season we are reminded that we are no longer of those who stagger in darkness. We are not ones who suffer without hope. We are not alone. A light has shone in the darkness. We have a Wonderful Counselor. We have a Lord and Savior who exercises justice and righteousness.

And with Him at our centre we are not a people alone. We are part of a global family who cares for one another. We are of a tribe that cares for the lost and destitute. We are ambassadors of another Kingdom that seeks to bring healing, justice, and salvation to a broken world. And we are a rejoicing community.

Even though we may be hard-pressed, crushed, and perplexed, we are not in despair. We may feel lonely and beat-up, but we are not destroyed. We may see death at work around us but we also know that life is at work too. We need not lose heart because we know that our troubles are temporary in light of our eternal inheritance. We are a people who have the light of our Savior shining in our hearts to bring light to the dark places of this world.

We want to genuinely thank each and every one of you this year for supporting the Ranch and being part of God´s Kingdom work. You have helped to bring light to some very dark places. You have helped to bring hope to those who have been hopeless. You have been a part of a global community seeking to bring Kingdom righteousness and justice to a broken world. You have helped to shine the light of Christ and brought salvation to many who have heard the Good News this past year.

Praise Report

  • Food baskets for 6000+ people (Each who got an invitation to Ranch ministries once we are able to resume large programs again)
  • Work-Study program for youth who are looking to support their families and maintain their studies
  • Sustained jobs for our full-time national staff
  • Academic support in the form of tutoring, computers, and internet
  • Completing the rehab of the palapa
  • Advancement on Missions Training Center

Again, we thank you on behalf of the many who were touched by the Ranch ministries this past year. The Ranch wouldn´t exist without your generosity, prayers, and support

Blessings this Christmas season and thank you for being part of the Ranch team.

Pete and Emily Johnson and the Rancho El Camino Team