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The world of international travel is changing because of the impact of coronavirus.  

Recognizing this, we are walking the tension of suspending and preparing for future Justice Journeys.  

All 2020 international Justice Journeys have been suspended or canceled.  

Let me also say that we are prayerfully considering what future Justice Journeys will look like: 

  1. Justice Journeys are a key way for us to support our global partners, but it is not the only way.  
  2. We continue to stand with our global partners in prayer, coaching, and financial support.
  3. As we anticipate a shift in travel trends, we will continue creating more local Justice Journey experiences.

October 2020 Justice Journey to Cambodia is postponed to November 12-21, 2021:

  • If we get the go-ahead from Tenth's Pandemic Team, applications for this journey will be opening up in March 2021.  
  • See video below to get a taste of a worship time in Cambodia with a Tenth team. 

March 2021 Justice Journey to Mexico Update: 

  • Many folks on our canceled March 2020 Mexico Justice Journey will be going in June 2021 - Lord willing. Should this journey go ahead, we will create a few extra spaces for those that were hoping and planning to go in 2021.  We will know more in February 2021 and will send updates.  

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