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This is the 10th year that Tenth has been involved and invested in the people of Cambodia! Celebrating this milestone, we are putting together a very exciting and important Justice Journey to continue to build the relationships we have with three of our strategic partners.

To support and encourage three of our long-term Cambodian partners. This includes:
• Helping to launch the first Alongsiders Camp at Kep (near the sea) with a work/leadership camp.
• Supporting Manna4Life and Mango Tree School with community discipleship, education and farming.
• Offering support in anti-trafficking with Chab Dai and their partners. 

PARTNERS:  Alongsiders, Manna4Life, Chab Dai Coalition, Precious Women, World Vision.  To learn more about our partners, visit

DATE: Saturday July 15 (2am) to Sunday July 30, 2017, Application Deadline: March 26. 

COST: Cost: $3300 


  1. Issues of justice and slavery in Phnom Penh and will serve with Chab Dai and Precious Women.
  2. Discipleship and camping with Alongsiders as Tenth will be part of the first camp on the new property in the seaside village of Kep.  
  3. Education, organic farming and community development with Manna4Life in Oudong Village.

Cambodia Justice Journey will end with two days of debriefing in a refreshing location. 


March 26          First Training (12:45pm to 3:15pm)  Application Deadline
April 24            Training 2 – (6-9:30pm)
May 29             Training 3 - (6-9:30pm)

July 2&3           Training Weekend (Sun 9am to Mon 5pm)

There will be 4 debriefing times after the team comes back to Vancouver.

Fee includes 15 nights accommodation, all meals, local transportation, admin support and support for Tenth’s Cambodia programs. 

Learn to do right; seek justice. Defend the oppressed.Take up the cause of the fatherless; plead the case of the widow.  [Isaiah 1:17]

Click for an APPLICATION or more INFORMATION, or email Tom at or check out    

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See a video below from the Summer 2016 Justice Journey.